Blogging is hard work...

Luckily, my humans have really comfortable cushions on their desks, so I can take naps and rest from all that hard work. Though I must say that I have no idea why my humans call these cushions mice, but don't let me play with their long tails.


I'm an awesome hunter!

My humans were kind enough to make a short video clip that clearly demonstrates my awesome hunting skills. No drinking straw is safe when I'm around!


My favorite sleeping pose

Today I want to share with you a photo of my favorite sleeping pose. I find it very comfortable and I've noticed that it often encourages my humans to come over and rub my belly. Bonus points!


Beauty shot

I usually don't like posing for pictures, as I'm way too busy chasing things around and keeping track of what's going on around me, but today I let my human take some pictures of me anyway. I'll understand if you want to pet me and give me treats after seeing this picture.


Favorite toy of the week #1

Currently, my adult teeth are still growing, so I like to chew on things. A lot!

Luckily my humans soon figured that out, so they gave me plastic drinking straws to play with and chew on. I just love them! They are especially great when I can make my humans move them around, so I can practice my hunting skills. I think I'm getting quite good at that!


My toilet, let me show it to you

I just have to share with you a picture of my awesome toilet. It's big and comfortable, and the humans make sure it's cleaned at least once a day, usually in the morning after I take care of my main toilet business.

At first I wanted to help my humans learn how to clean my litter box properly, but they seem pretty good at it, so I now just play around while they do the cleaning. Though I must say they use some pretty appealing plastic bags while cleaning my toilet, but they never let me play with them. Ah well, I've got lots of other toys anyway.

During the first days I was a bit confused by the transparent front door, but I have now learned not to exit the toilet that way. It doesn't really bother me, as the back door is big enough for me and I can also use it to peek at my humans.

P.S.: The humans tell me they've got the idea for my toilet from ikea hacker.


About Epic

Oh hai guise! I'm pleased about your interest in me, Epic the Cat.

I'm a beautiful Maine Coon (yes, you may adore me and pet me on my tummy), who likes to enjoy his cat life. I have two servants (I think they call themselves humans?) that provide me with food, hugs and kisses, a clean toilet and lots of toys. In exchange I allow them to play with me. They say I'm a very good kitten, which of course should be obvious by now.

You can also learn more about me by reading my 10 things you didn't know about me post.

In this journal you'll be able to follow my day to day thoughts and adventures and of course enjoy many pictures and videos of my beautiful self. I'll be happy to read your comments and I'll try to reply as soon as I finish my beauty nap(s).

You can also follow me on Twitter and YouTube, become my fan on Facebook or e-mail me at EpicTheCat (at) gmail [dot] com

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