7 awesome facts about humans (to be thankful for)

In my previous post I presented a list of my favorite weird facts about humans. And as today many of my blogging friends are celebrating Thanksgiving, I figured it would be a great day to make a list of facts that make our humans awesome.

And so, without much further ado, I present you my list of favorite awesome facts about humans:
  1. Even though they're pretty slow creatures, they do seem to be great at providing food. Somehow I suspect they don't hunt for it by themselves, as it'd take them a really long time to hunt, prepare AND package everything on their own. So I think they somehow make other humans do the job for them, which is really brilliant (a trick that was surely borrowed from us, cats).
  2. They can do some really amazing things with their opposable thumbs and strange looking front paws. Like opening cans of food in a matter of seconds (although that could always be done faster!) or making the most boring things move like prey. I think that somehow makes up for the lack of proper claws.
  3. They have a lot of great gadgets and tools that make their lives easier or more fun. Think microwave oven. Computers and the internet. Forks and knives. And let's not forget some of the wonderful human made cat toys and even brushes that help to keep our coats nice and tidy! Really amazing, although I'm pretty sure cats could invent al that and much more if only we had their thumbs and if... *purrs*... Sorry, where was I? I just took a little nap there. Ahem, moving on.
  4. They fill their homes with a wide range of chewable things and toys that any cat can enjoy. Now, to a cat most things in human homes look like toys, but for some reason humans don't always agree with us (think wires). So, you should pay attention to how your humans react and learn about what you can chew or play with. Or, alternatively, you can just play with anything you want and look super cute when they catch you doing it. They won't be mad for long.
  5. Speaking of cute - they seem to be unable to resist cute napping poses, which somehow always makes them want to pet our tummies and stroke our heads (can I hear you purring already?). That's an amazing characteristic!
  6. Additionally, the sound of purring seems to make humans very happy, so you can use that plus your cuteness to get away with most things (hint: practice that big, cute eyes look) or get cuddled. A lot. The humans just can't seem to be able to resist that combination.
  7. They make sure our litter boxes are always clean and fresh. Now that's something I gladly leave to my humans! 
I thank thee, silly humans, with this cute napping pose
and the permission to rub my belly

So, you can see that these silly creatures do have some awesomeness in them. You just have to look a bit harder to find it.

And that's why I'd like to extend my soft paw today and send a big thank you to all the awesome humans, who take really good care of their cat (and other animal) friends and make sure we have happy, stress-free lives (all 9 of them). I just wish all cats in the world would have the pleasure of having an awesome human servant or two like we do. So, if you have the luck of owning some awesome humans, don't forget to give them a gentle, loving head butt today, to show them you appreciate their concern. Happy Thanksgiving!


7 weird facts about humans

I really enjoy spending time with my humans and observe their silly habits. I've lived with humans since I was born, so I've had plenty of time to notice their unique characteristics. And they never stop to amaze me in so many different ways.

These are my favorite weird facts about humans:
  1. They have no fur to speak of, although most humans have funny hair on their heads, and some also have parts of their faces covered with hair. Now, I've heard of cat breeds that don't have fur, but humans can't seem to be able to decide whether to keep or get rid of their hair!
  2. They seem to be unable to groom themselves and have to take daily baths to get cleaned and (for some reason) change their smell. I'm all for embracing diversity here, as long as they don't try to bathe me!
  3. They usually sleep through the night and don't want to play with me during that time. I occasionally bring my toy mouse into their bed in case they'd change their minds about that, but so far I've had little success.
  4. Speaking of sleeping; for some reason they don't nap often or at all during the day. It's no wonder they're all tired during the night!
  5. I've also noticed that they can't see well during the night. They keep turning the lights on when they're looking for me after sunset, even though I can see them quite well.
  6. It's no wonder they choose to walk on their rear paws, as they're very slow and clumsy when they try to move on all four paws. Granted, their front paws have other advantages, but overall they are still pretty slow creatures.
  7. And they seem unable to climb. At all. But I'm not really surprised about that, as their claws aren't really sharp and they are also of the wrong shape. My humans sometimes pretend to scratch my scratching post with me, but I can see they can't really do it properly. I feel sorry for them - scratching is fun, and climbing even more so!
Human paws: not great at moving or climbing, 
but excellent for chin stroking *purrs*

But of course, you can't blame the humans for their uniqueness, you just have to learn how to live with them (or train them to do what you want *wink*). They are often silly, but overall I love having them around. And they do have some awesome characteristics as well, but I'll write more about that another time.

In the mean time, I'm curious to hear about what your favorite weird facts about humans are? Let me know by leaving a comment here or writing your own blog post about that!


A close encounter with a toy helicopter

My humans allowed me to browse some of the closets today, and we found a very unusual and highly interesting toy. My humans say it's a toy helicopter, but I'm not really sure what it's supposed to be doing. All I know is that it has a funny nose that moves really fast sometimes, and I can also make it spin if I hit it with my paw correctly.

Check out a short video of my close encounter with this strange device, and let me know what you think about it!


I am the mighty tunnel cat!

Yesterday my humans brought home an awesome new toy: a cat tunnel! With two holes in it! It actually belonged to a cat that once lived with my humans' family and it has been laying around their basement for some time now (yeah, I know, what a waste!). I don't mind the fact that it's been used before as long as it stays in my home from now on.

There are so many things I can do with my tunnel: I can jump inside from different directions, bite and scratch it, bring other toys in it, play peekaboo with my humans, and even sleep in it! I just can't get enough of it. It's too bad my humans don't let me play with it during the night (they say I'll make too much noise, pfft!).

Come play with me!

Fooling around in my new tunnel


Meet my nemesis

My humans have this big, noisy machine they sometimes bring out, and I'm not quite sure why. I just think the safest thing to do when they wake it up is to hide in another room. Although I must say I'm curious about how this thing works (and why it's so noisy!) and why my humans insist on waking it up periodically. I don't think they really enjoy it that much either.

So far the only benefit I've noticed is that there aren't that many dusty pieces that get stuck in my tail after the big, noisy machine does its tour around the apartment. If you ask me, that doesn't seem to be a good reason to justify all that noise; after all, I have many hiding places that the big, noisy machine can't reach, and I can always get some dust there.

Anyhow, I'll try to find more about this strange machine in the future and I promise to report any additional findings.

Getting to know the enemy (while it sleeps)


Happy half birthday to me!

Today I'm 6 months old! I almost forgot about that, because the last month of my life went by really fast, as it was full of excitement and new things: I got a new home, went to the vet a few times, got my own blog, and even had my first bath.

I feel like a big kitten now, and I'm already looking forward to my 1st full birthday when I'll be able to start eating adult cat food. And maybe my humans will even get me a cake... or a toy for big cats! I got several of my favorite treats (see below) for my half birthday today, so I have big hopes for the big 1 *paws crossed*


A box is all I need

Today my humans brought home a big box of cat food and cat litter. The litter is the same one I've been using before, and I haven't yet tried the food, but the box... ah... the box itself is just awesome!

I already have a box to play with, but it's always great to get a new one. You know, there are all these new smells you can check out, the plastic wrappings you can play with, and something new to chew on. Plus, the new box has more than enough room for me (a very important factor for a Maine Coon!), so I decided to give it my paw of approval. I hope my humans keep bringing more boxes home!

I like this box!


I like chewing!

I must admit that I'm still a big fan of chasing and chewing on plastic drinking straws. I just can't get enough of them, although my humans don't seem to like it when I bring them into their bed before dawn.

But I also like to chew on any other chewable thing (and that's a pretty broad category in my dictionary!). The other day I had so much fun chewing on my human's camera string that I didn't even realize that the camera was on and actually filming me. Oh well, I hope you enjoy this little video of me and... ah, who am I kidding... *of course* you'll enjoy it, it's me! So, just watch it, but beware: it has a lot of cute in it.


10 things you didn't know about me

I'm so excited! Rumbles, my new Twitter pal and fellow blogger honored me with an award! It's my first award ever and I gladly accept it with open paws.

The deal is, when you receive this award, you write 10 interesting and honest facts about yourself. Then, you pass it on to a minimum of 7 other cat blogger friends. So, here we go....
  1. If you look on my pedigree, you'll see that my full, official name is Flash'n'Dash - Amor (Amor is my cat dad's name). My humans thought it was too long, so they named me Epic (as in heroic, majestic, impressively great), which I think is a great name for any Maine Coon cat. But usually they just call me Epi, which is fine too.
  2. When my humans came to see me and my cat family in my previous home, they had to decide whether to pick me or my brother, who looks a lot like me (only more puffy and a little bit brighter) and has a similar character. They ended up choosing me because of my adorable ear tips, awesome face marking and my lion-like ruff. If you ask me, they made the right choice, and I hope my lil'brother found a new home as good as mine.
  3. I love cat food with tuna in it, but I don't like raw tuna that much.
  4. I usually sleep and nap on the floor.
  5. I love having my belly rubbed, so I often nap on my back with my belly exposed.
  6. I like watching birds on TV, although I never seem to be able to catch one :(
  7. I like head butting my humans (so does my cat dad), especially in the morning.
  8. I like running around my home even if I don't have anything to chase.
  9. I help my humans with all sorts of things, like typing, preparing food, doing laundry etc..
  10. I get away with a lot of things because of my cuteness.
Me, being super cute while sleeping on the floor on my back

There, hope you found my list interesting. Now, my final task: choosing 7 cat bloggers, who deserve this award. I'm still new to the whole blogging thing, so I don't have many friends yet, but I'll list some interesting blogs I recently started reading:
  1. Confessions of the Plume
  2. Daisy the Curly Cat
  3. Life From A Cat's Perspective
  4. Mulder the X-Kitteh
  5. Pandafur
  6. Spike Lamb
  7. Whiskers & Purrs


Vets are a strange human subspecies

My humans took me to see the vet, again. And I don't understand why they have to do that, it's not like I'm seriously ill or something *atchoo* Ok, well, I do sneeze from time to time, and get black stuff in my nose... But apart from that I'm fine, seriously.

Still, my humans were worried about my sneezing and dirty nose and they first took me to the vet about two weeks ago. It was not my first visit to the vet, of course, my previous human took me there a few times to get vaccinated and right before changing home to get neutered - I don't know what that means, and I'm not sure I want to know, but I do know that it wasn't pleasant!

Things I hate about vets

Anyhow, there are several things that I don't approve of when it comes to visiting the vet. I don't mind the traveling part that much, as one of my humans always sits next to my cage in the back of the car and talks to me. But that place... ugh, there's always at least a few dogs there, and I don't know what to do about them. I've never had contact with them, and they always act so silly. I think cats are so much smarter than dogs. Last time, one of them tried to lick my cage, and I showed her who the cat is by roaring at her!

And there's the vets themselves. I don't know what's wrong with this human subspecies, but they always poke me in uncomfortable places. And then they also tell my humans to do silly things, like give me pills or clean my nose. And they tell them I have a nasal infection, which is just silly! *atchoo* And oh! Let's not forget that last time, I also got microchipped! I didn't like the human that microchipped me at all, as he didn't rub my belly and he also stung me a little. My humans say the microchip in my left shoulder will help them find me if I ever get lost. I have no idea how and I don't plan to get lost anyway, but it's nice to see them caring for me.

I don't mind the pills when they come with food

So, after the first visit the humans started giving me small, pink pills twice a day (I think they're called antibiotics?). At first I didn't want to eat them, but then I figured out that I also get yummy food with the pills, so I don't mind that anymore. I'm a good cat, eat my pill, and them enjoy the real food.

My humans also started cleaning my nose. I don't like that one little bit, it's so annoying! Luckily, they stopped doing that every day, and the pills seem to be working (don't tell the vets I said that!), as I don't get that much black stuff in my nose anymore. I also sneeze less. Despite this, the vet I saw today said I'll have to eat the pills for a little bit longer, until I stop sneezing completely. I'm ok with it if I'll keep getting the yummy food twice a day.

But I sure do hope I won't have to see another vet soon. Let them poke dogs all they want, we cats can take care of ourselves just fine!

funny pictures of cats with captions


Water tastes better from glasses

Even though I don't like baths and getting my fur wet, I just love drinking fresh water! My humans say I drink a lot of water, but I don't really know if that's true. I drink when I feel like it, and luckily for me, my humans always make sure there's fresh water in my bowl. Though if you ask me, I think that water tastes so much better when I drink it from the big human glasses. Plus, they are also more handy when we're playing in the big room, as I don't have to go to the kitchen, where my bowls are.

Enjoying a sip

Mmmmm water


Baths and cats don't mix well!

Now, I must say I get along with my humans quite well. We've only been together for a bit over than two weeks now, but they have pleased me with the amount of attention they've given me so far. They don't allow me to play with everything, but overall they're quite well trained.

However, at times they get some pretty silly ideas! (Honestly, I don't know why they think they are an intelligent species...) Like taking me to the vet. Or cleaning my ears. And yesterday they did something that scared me so much more than a mere visit to the vet. They somehow got the idea that I should have a bath! Me! I mean, I saw them looking up stuff about me on the Internet, and they have a book about cats as well (very nice to sit on!), so one would expect all these things teach silly humans about the fact that cats are perfectly capable of cleaning themselves.

So, let this post be a lesson that baths and cats don't mix well or well, at all! And I've also got plenty of LOLcat evidence to back up my claims!

funny pictures of cats with captions
THE bath and the failed escape attempt

So, here comes my bath story. Yesterday, sometime between my third and fourth nap, my humans put me into the bath, which had quite a lot of water in it, so I immediately got my paws wet. And then they started pouring water all over my body! On my precious fur! Luckily, they didn't get my head wet, but I still didn't like the whole thing one little bit. My heart started racing like mad, and when they started applying shampoo, I just panicked! I jumped out of the bath and just wanted to get out of the bathroom. But the door was closed, there was no escape! I was trapped!

I don't remember much about what happened next. My humans somehow put me back into the water, poured some more water on me, and then the water was gone, and I was being wrapped in towels. Lots of towels. Phew!

At least I got treats...

The humans were super nice afterward - they gave me treats and my favorite food (mmmm, tuna!), but it took me a while to calm down before I could eat anything. Not to mention it took me about an hour to clean myself after that horrible bath and put all my fur back in place!

I do think my humans got the message though and I hope they won't make me go through another bath ever again. I think I accidentally scratched one of my humans during the whole procedure, but I can't really remember how and when. I think they understand, as they are still being super nice to me. And oh, as a protest I didn't sleep in their bed tonight! I think they missed me.

funny pictures of cats with captions
Bottom line: DO NOT WANT!

Overall, I'm just glad I survived my first (and hopefully last) bath. I still don't want to go into the bathroom after what happened yesterday (you never know what might happen!). And I must also say that I'm very happy that my humans had the decency not to take any pictures of me during the whole bath thing. I'd be quite embarrassed to be seen around the Internet with my fur all wet. Mind you, I'm not saying I didn't look good, but you know... that kind of stuff just isn't very flattering for a cat.

funny pictures of cats with captions
My humans insist I post a link to the wikiHow article on How to Bathe a Cat, but if you want a cat's opinion - just don't bathe a cat, ever! We'll take care of it on our own, thank you very much!

humorous pictures

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