Baths and cats don't mix well!

Now, I must say I get along with my humans quite well. We've only been together for a bit over than two weeks now, but they have pleased me with the amount of attention they've given me so far. They don't allow me to play with everything, but overall they're quite well trained.

However, at times they get some pretty silly ideas! (Honestly, I don't know why they think they are an intelligent species...) Like taking me to the vet. Or cleaning my ears. And yesterday they did something that scared me so much more than a mere visit to the vet. They somehow got the idea that I should have a bath! Me! I mean, I saw them looking up stuff about me on the Internet, and they have a book about cats as well (very nice to sit on!), so one would expect all these things teach silly humans about the fact that cats are perfectly capable of cleaning themselves.

So, let this post be a lesson that baths and cats don't mix well or well, at all! And I've also got plenty of LOLcat evidence to back up my claims!

funny pictures of cats with captions
THE bath and the failed escape attempt

So, here comes my bath story. Yesterday, sometime between my third and fourth nap, my humans put me into the bath, which had quite a lot of water in it, so I immediately got my paws wet. And then they started pouring water all over my body! On my precious fur! Luckily, they didn't get my head wet, but I still didn't like the whole thing one little bit. My heart started racing like mad, and when they started applying shampoo, I just panicked! I jumped out of the bath and just wanted to get out of the bathroom. But the door was closed, there was no escape! I was trapped!

I don't remember much about what happened next. My humans somehow put me back into the water, poured some more water on me, and then the water was gone, and I was being wrapped in towels. Lots of towels. Phew!

At least I got treats...

The humans were super nice afterward - they gave me treats and my favorite food (mmmm, tuna!), but it took me a while to calm down before I could eat anything. Not to mention it took me about an hour to clean myself after that horrible bath and put all my fur back in place!

I do think my humans got the message though and I hope they won't make me go through another bath ever again. I think I accidentally scratched one of my humans during the whole procedure, but I can't really remember how and when. I think they understand, as they are still being super nice to me. And oh, as a protest I didn't sleep in their bed tonight! I think they missed me.

funny pictures of cats with captions
Bottom line: DO NOT WANT!

Overall, I'm just glad I survived my first (and hopefully last) bath. I still don't want to go into the bathroom after what happened yesterday (you never know what might happen!). And I must also say that I'm very happy that my humans had the decency not to take any pictures of me during the whole bath thing. I'd be quite embarrassed to be seen around the Internet with my fur all wet. Mind you, I'm not saying I didn't look good, but you know... that kind of stuff just isn't very flattering for a cat.

funny pictures of cats with captions
My humans insist I post a link to the wikiHow article on How to Bathe a Cat, but if you want a cat's opinion - just don't bathe a cat, ever! We'll take care of it on our own, thank you very much!

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