Basic tips for human visitors

One of the side effects of being a beautiful cat is that I get a lot of human visitors, who all want to admire me and pet me. Nothing wrong with that, mind you, but I still think most humans would benefit from some basic tips on how to behave when visiting a cat.

Here are some of the most important things I wish my human visitors knew:

First of all, never forget that cats aren't dogs. We don't get super excited by human presence (especially if you're a new human). We have dignity, and we like to take our time to get to know you and trust you. You won't impress us by doing silly noises, especially if they're loud. That only makes you look silly and unattractive.

So, always give the cat some time to get used to you. Each new human means a lot of new smells. Your shoes, your bags, your clothes all have a mix of unique and exciting new smells, and it takes time to go through all that. I'll let you pet me when I get used to your smell and presence. Be patient. And make sure you don't make me feel cornered. Humans can be quite big and intimidating, so it's always welcome to have a clear exit path, you know, just in case.

Next, remember that gifts are always welcome. But bear in mind that it's usually not a good idea to bring food as a gift, unless you know our preferences. We usually don't appreciate sudden changes in our diet. On the other hand, it is worth noting that we never have enough toys. Just don't expect us to start playing with your toy right from the start. That doesn't mean we don't like it or don't appreciate the thought. It's just that we often like to take our time to explore possible uses of a new toy on our own, and the presence of a new human can be a distracting factor.

And finally, learn how to play with a cat. Feel free to consult our humans on which toy is best and which methods work best for us. If you're not the only visitor, please remember that we can't be in ten different places at once. I know you all want to play with me, but please learn to take turns. Hunting is a delicate art that requires a great deal of attention, and I just can't focus if you're moving three different kinds of toys in ten different directions at the same time.

Also, keep in mind that we all have different temperaments, and something that works for your cat or your neighbor's cat might not be well accepted by me or some other cat. And when in doubt, it's always wise to listen to our humans - after all, they are the ones that know us best.


Anonymous said...

They should also know cats aren't babies that can be picked up every time. We don't like being picked up. We don't like it at all. If we want to be on a humans shoulder, we will climb up ourselves, thank you very much.

Epic the Cat said...

Yes, yes, very true. I let my own humans pick me up occasionally, but a visitor... pha! Never!

CCL Wendy said...

For a young one, you sure do know lots of things already, Epic! You must have experienced a lot in your short lifetime.

Yes, you are one beautiful kitty and I enjoy seeing pictures of you. And you also remind me so much of a younger Dante.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Epic these are great tips! We have a mix of cats in the house and some like visitors, some don't, and some don't care either way. And the first on - cats are not dogs - my that is true. My cousin, who has dogs, came over on Thanksgiving and when she saw Barney (who is your age) she bent over, started slapping her legs, and was like "come here boy, come on" like you would for a dog! It took her a minute and she was like "wait, he is a cat". My cats who like people are ok to be picked up - as long as you are taking them to get some food. And for food, we found that if you want to give something, make it something we have already - treats they like, or turkey (the turkey was big this year). The other thing I would add is don't talk really loud - I found that when the kitties who were nervous did come down they were ok until one of the loud talkers would start up - that made them run away.

Oh, and if you are repair guy guard your tools, at least at our house. We have a tool thief in the group (Virgil LOVES repair guys).

Epic the Cat said...

Thanks, Wendy! I like to observe humans a lot and take notes on their behavior. They have so much to learn from cats imho.

And thanks for your great comment, Amy! I'm ok if there's only one visitor, but don't like if there's more of them at the same time (especially if they break my rules).

And you're absolutely right, loud talkers are really scary! Especially if they try to get your attention by talking loudly... ugh, that makes me run under the bed every time. I think some humans don't realize how good our hearing is and how loud their voices can be.

Harry Spotter said...

You are one to be admired, I am so jealous of all your furs. I too don't like noisy people or people that want to touch my naked body to see what a hairless cat feels like and then say "ick" or "wow" "smooth" or they even call me ugly and why would one want a cat with no furs? How dare they I say! Epic you ae on the ball-thanks so much!

Glogirly and Katie said...

Hey there Epic!

I've given you a super cool, awesomely fabulous award. Swing by my blog to check it out!

(Glogirly's cat)

Epic the Cat said...

Harry, I think you look awesome even without fur! Don't listen to those silly humans, they don't know how to behave and clearly have no idea what a pretty cat looks like.

And thanks for the award, Katie! *purrs*

The Meezers said...

hmmmm, Billy just jumps up on visitor and puts his stink all over them and purrrssss - things he akshually WON'T do with the mom!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oooh, we luv your blog! Katie at Glogirly has good taste and so we had to come and visit you and give our concatulations on your award!

Anonymous said...

That is all good advice, Epic. We just dropped by after seeing one of your comments on another blog, and wanted to get to know you. It sounds as though you are properly spoiled, as a cat should be.

Epic the Cat said...

Thanks for all the nice comments!

And yes, I'm a bit spoiled, but my humans say I'm a very good kitten and deserve every bit of it *purrs*

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