I love snowflakes!

First, I must apologize for the lack of posts and tweets in the past week. My human has been through some sort of surgery, and as you all know, it's a cat's duty to cheer their humans up when they're not feeling well. I think I did a great job this time, as my human is recovering well and fast. She still needs my attention though, so I might not post as often just yet.

Anyhow, today I have a special news to share with you: it's snowing! So what, you say?! Well, it is a big deal for me, as I've never seen snow before! (I was born in May.) And I think watching snowflakes is pretty fun. Almost as fun as watching birds. Too bad my humans don't leave the windows open or I'd surely have a blast catching the white, puffy stuff!

Yesterday, I saw snowflakes for the very first time. Here's a short video of that:

I didn't realize the white stuff could stick to the ground though. But today we woke up into a white morning. I spent most of it on my perch (aka the speakers), watching the snow fall. It's so pretty!

"So white, so pretty..."

"Some day, little snowflake, some day you shall be mine..."

"Hey! Why are you looking at me? Take pictures of the snow!"


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Flakes are very enjoyable to watch. You look like you were having a fun time snow gazing.

Sammy and Andy said...

We've never watched snowflakes either, as we haven't seen any in all the years we've lived here...sigh....Great photos and video!!!

We hope your bean is 100% again. :)

The Island Cats said...

We think it's better to look at the snow than be in it!! Enjoy it!

Hope your human is doing okay...

One Cats Nip said...

Aww your so cute checking out the snow Epic! So many flakes to keep track of huh?

Ginger Jasper said...

Epic you look great on your perch snow watching. I love your pictures especialy he last one. Get well soon mum we are thinking of you. Hugs GJ xx

PS I hate snow..

Amy and The House of Cats said...

That is a perfect place to watch the snow falling! This is Barney's first winter too (you are both the same age because he is a May baby too!) and I don't know if he has noticed the snowflakes yet - mainly because they happened after the tree went up, and the tree is a big distraction for him!

brandi said...

Thank you for sharing your first snowflakes! How awesome the first time. Especially when you are safe and warm inside!
It's pretty everytime.

SuziQCat said...

It's fun to watch the snow...my boys are older now, but since it snows so infrequently at our house, they are fascinated by it!

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Oh no... not another sick human! What are we to do with them? Give them extra cuddles and love I suppose, it does seem to help them feel better :)

Enjoy your snow, we're getting sunpuddles finally!

Harry Spotter said...

Sorry your human was not feeling well, but I'm sure you did a wonderful job snuggling and keeping her warm while cheering her up.

Glad your back!

Your Daily Cute said...

What a sweet video. Looks like you liked the snow. :)

Glogirly and Katie said...

Hi Epic!

I like watching the snow fall too. Although I'm strictly an indoor kitty, I've learned that the white stuff is REALLY cold on the paws! A little too cold if you ask me. Glogirly opened up the balcony door last winter when we got almost two feet of snow on the deck. Yikes! I had to groom myself for hours.

Have fun watching it, but watch your toes!!

(Glogirly's cat)

Epic the Cat said...

Thanks for all the nice comments!

I should add that I found out snowflakes are only pretty to watch from the outside. My human brought in a little bit of snow yesterday, and Katie is absolutely right - this stuff is really, really cold! And wet! I've never seen anything as cold as this in my life.

So, I guess I'll stick to being an indoor kitty. My humans tell me I've got the fur to survive outdoor, but after yesterday's close encounter with snow I must say no, thank you! I don't know how some kitties manage to walk around in snow. Maybe those pictures I saw were Photoshoped?

Anyhow, snowflake watching from the warm inside: yes, please! Walking in snow: no way!

P.S.: My human appreciates your wishes. She says she's doing great *purrs*

Cat of Nine Tales said...

Well hello Epic! It is lovely to meet your beautiful Mianecoon self. Very cute pictures of you watching the snow channel.
~Lisa Co9T

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