Cats have a busy life

Sometimes cat life gets so busy, you don't even have time to pull your tongue back in your mouth.

You see, apart from my office job, I also have to keep track of the local bird population. It may sound easy, but ornithology is serious science and demands a keen eye and high levels of concentration.


7 tips on how to become an office cat

I hope you all had a nice, lazy weekend. Today is Monday again, which probably means your humans will be back at the office pretending to be busy by endlessly staring at computer screens.

But don't think that your humans are the only ones that are good with all that computer "work"; cats can also easily become super helpful office cats! Here are 7 easy things you can do to blend into the office life and help your humans be more productive:

1) Help your humans fix their computers when something goes wrong. We all know cats are way better with wires than humans!
2) At the start of the work day check the printer status. You want to make sure the printer is ready to spit out paper you will be able to play with.
3) Check the battery level on laptops and be ready to pull the plug when they are fully recharged. You will be environmentally friendly by saving energy, plus the charging cable is fun to play with!
4) Check your human's Facebook News Feed while they take a break. You don't want them to miss anything important, do you?
5) When you notice any cat related posts on Facebook, make sure to "Like" them. Again, just making sure your humans notice things that really matter.
6) Warm your human's wrist during intensive computer work to prevent RSI. A little warmth goes a long way!
7) Make sure the computer mice don't escape. You can easily do that by taking a nap on the tail or (if it's a wireless mouse) just using the mouse as a pillow.
That's just a brief overview of some of my favorite office chores; please feel free to share other helpful tips in the comments. Have a great week at the office!


Cat vs. Balls on the Cat Tree

A while ago I got an awesome cat tree that provides endless hours of entertainment and joy. One of the most interesting features about my cat tree are several strategically placed balls that are a lot of fun to play with. However, the problem is that the balls are confined to the tree, so you can't just take them to your cat cave or nest. And believe me, I tried for months to pull those hanging balls off - and I've got pretty strong paws! - but with no success.

Just when I was about to give up on ever getting those balls, I finally found a new effective technique for dealing with hanging balls! I still have to figure out how to get to the remaining cat tree balls in cages, but until then I think you might appreciate a demonstration of my special ball removal method:

I hope that helps, although I feel I must warn you that these hanging balls aren't as fun detached as they were on the cat tree *sigh*, so keep that in mind before attempting this irreversible procedure!


I make a great Lolcat!

I've got some exciting news, dear friends: today one of my pictures got featured on I Can Has Cheezburger?, which is of course one of the best websites on the interwebz (just the Lolcats section, of course). So, make sure you visit ICHCheezburger today and take a look at my Lolcat debut.

And oh, my humans also say you can also capshun my other Lolcat ready pics ^^

April 14, 2010 shall be remembered in history books 
as the day of my first Lolcat appearance
UPDATE: You can see more awesome Epic Lols at Wendy's LOL-Spot. Thanks for featuring me Wendy!


O hai guise, Epic is back!

O hai everyone, Epic here! Yes, yes, I'm doing great, just didn't get a chance to blog much lately. You see, my humans have been pretending to be busy a lot by staring at computer screens and playing with their silly computer mice, so I really couldn't get my paws on their keyboards to steal a few minutes to write an update.

But don't worry; I had a serious talk with my humans and we all agreed I deserve at least a few minutes for blogging each week. (They still don't want to get me my own computer though...)

So, in case you've been wondering about what I've been doing lately: pretty much the usual cat stuff. Getting at least 16 hours of beauty sleep each day, charming guests, practicing my hunting skills on anything that moves and eating well. One of my favorite recent hobbies also includes exploring various new territories, so I'm gonna end this update with a snapshot from one of my travels into the depths of a closet and a promise to write more updates soon.

Sokz? Unnerware? Tihrd flore!

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