Cat vs. Balls on the Cat Tree

A while ago I got an awesome cat tree that provides endless hours of entertainment and joy. One of the most interesting features about my cat tree are several strategically placed balls that are a lot of fun to play with. However, the problem is that the balls are confined to the tree, so you can't just take them to your cat cave or nest. And believe me, I tried for months to pull those hanging balls off - and I've got pretty strong paws! - but with no success.

Just when I was about to give up on ever getting those balls, I finally found a new effective technique for dealing with hanging balls! I still have to figure out how to get to the remaining cat tree balls in cages, but until then I think you might appreciate a demonstration of my special ball removal method:

I hope that helps, although I feel I must warn you that these hanging balls aren't as fun detached as they were on the cat tree *sigh*, so keep that in mind before attempting this irreversible procedure!


Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Yeahhhh!! That's how you do it my pal. MAINE COON POWER!!!


Winston said...

Kitteh power! I recommend chewing for most things, as it is very effective!
Winston x

Kea said...

That's a very effective technique! Funny, though, how when you get what you want (removing the balls), it's not quite as satisfying as you expected. :-D

Hannah and Lucy said...

Succeeding sometimes is a bit of a disappointment.

Keiko and Luna T. Katt said...

MOL we have the same problem wif our new cat condo/tree! I tried and tried to put the bitey on the hanging ball last nite but it did not want to come wif me!

Jacqueline said...

Hi, Epic, we saw you at Wendy's LOL Spot and loved your photos; we had to come over to introduce ourselves, it is so fun making new friends=especially such gorgeous boy friends!!MOL...We look forward to getting to know you...Have a happy weekend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Sammy and Andy said...

What a great "tutorial", Epic. Have a wonderful Caturday.

Epic the Cat said...

@Rumbles: Aye, Maine Coon power indeed! *chirps*

@Winston: Yep, I agree. Chewing is one of the most universal and versatile methods for having fun and getting things done!

@Kea, Hannah & Lucy: *sigh* One can still always hope the humans will make new balls appear... or well, focus on other things that are still attached to strings ^^

@Keiko and Luna T. Katt: Just keep trying, some strings seem to be more stubborn than others! Good luck ^^

@Jacqueline: O hai, nice meeting you and your girls! I'll make sure to visit you often.

@Sammy and Andy: Thanks a lot, my Caturday was really purrrfect.

Harry Spotter said...

Great technique! You are one cool chap.

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