Celebrating my 1st birthday

Dear anipals and human servants, it is with great pleasure that I would like to announce my resignation from the kitten club and at the same time apply for membership in the esteemed league of adult cats. I believe I am now old enough to officially graduate from kitten to cat. Let me introduce you to some evidence that shows the progress I have made in the first year of my life:

It all started on May 13, 2009 when my mom gave birth to 6 little kittens. I don't remember much of my early days, but I do remember my mom took good care of us. I was given the official name Flash'n Dash - Amor.

First official photo, still a bit unsure and way more ginger than I really am
(Photo by Suniva)
It was fun growing up with my big cat family, but it wasn't too long until my brothers and sisters started leaving home to live with other humans, and my mom was telling me that someday I would also find a new home. I wasn't quite sure what to think about that, so I wasn't too excited when some humans showed up around my 5 months birthday and started talking about taking me away from my cat family.

Listening to humans discussing my new home - should I be worried?
And sure enough, a week or so later, on October 17, I had to say goodbye to my cat family and after an hour long car drive, I first set paws and whiskers in my new home. It was a very interesting experience, and there was so much to explore! I also got a new, shorter name: Epic. And of course, I had to get used to my new human servants, which wasn't as difficult as I feared it would be.

1st day at my new home - this isn't bad at all!
At the end of October I started writing this journal to keep track of my new, exciting life and share my findings about the world.

Little explorer (November)
Meanwhile, my humans made sure I was getting good food, so was gaining about 1 kg per month in the first few months at my new home. Here's a chart of how I was gaining weight in the second half of my first year:

As you can see from my weight chart, my growth started slowing down in January, but I was still visibly growing up and started to develop more adult features.

Looking all grown up with my fluffy winter mane (January)
And today, I finally get to celebrate my first birthday! My humans have been telling me for some time that I'm a big cat already, but I am glad I finally have the numbers to prove it. As this is my first ever birthday I'm not quite sure what to expect from the celebrations, but I hear rumors that there will be many treats, cuddles and a lot of play time involved, which is just what a cat needs! And oh, a great thing about being officially an adult cat is that my humans now allow me to eat special, king size Maine Coon kibble that I simply adore!

I'm a big cat now!
I hope you enjoyed sharing my first year of life with me, and I promise to keep bringing you exciting reports of my cat life. Thanks for following me!


How to attract your humans' attention

Ah, humans. Such wonderful creatures with the ability to turn almost every inanimate object into prey and keep us entertained for hours. Unfortunately, they also have the tendency to get sidetracked by their silly human stuff and neglect their main duty as servants of cats. And what can you do when that happens?

Here's my basic list of attention grabbers*:
  • Talking. We all know that cats don't really vocalize much among each other, but humans seem to like that, so try to imitate that. Of course, we, Maine Coons, have an unfair advantage in this area with our wide range of vocalization abilities.
  • Staring. Stare at your humans, and make sure you have big, cute eyes. Simply unresistable.
  • Tail swooshing. A universal sign that your require human attention and not receiving it.
  • Fooling around. Do something unusual that will make your humans go "awwww". 
But hey, why am I writing this list when I can just show you my technique with a clip? Have a look, and see how I combine all listed elements into one Epic performance:

* Note: you can always combine one or more elements on the list depending on how busy your humans are.


Spring is my favorite season so far

I'm not yet 1 year old, so I'm still can't tell for sure which is my favorite time of the year. I thought winter was pretty cool with snowflakes falling from the sky, but I must say I'm also enjoying spring a lot! It's not too hot yet, but it is warm enough for my humans to leave the window open for longer periods of time, and it seems that the warmer weather has awoken many strange, flying creatures I can play with. And what more could a cat wish for?

I still have to figure out the right technique for catching those little buggers though. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a short clip of one of my first hunting attempts. Let me know if I'm on the right track!


I love the cat net!

A few days ago my humans got another package from the interwebz for me. There was something called a cat net in the box, and at first I couldn't really figure out what it was for and why I should be excited about this new purchase.

But after what seemed an eternity of my humans working in secrecy behind closed doors (can you imagine they didn't want my help?), it turns out that the cat net is installed on windows and gives my humans a sense of security about letting me watch birds with the window open. Of course, if you ask me, I don't need a security net to protect me - I'm a great acrobat and I'm not afraid of heights - but if that's what it takes for my humans to feel safer, I'm fine with that.

So, without further ado, let me show you some brand new photos of me studying ornithology and human traffic patterns with the window wide open. It sure feels nice to get some fresh air and listen to all the interesting outdoor sounds!

Inspector Epic: my classic pose
Taking a stroll along the window...
Yep, birds also look yummy, errrr.... I mean pretty from the other side

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